How to Wear a Chain: A Mans Guide to Wearing Necklaces in 2021

These links form a distinctive pattern that stands out from the more subtle types of chains for men. They come in several width options—if you want to showcase your pattern to a wider audience of cheering onlookers, go with a thicker chain. Like it or not, the herringbone design doesn’t necessarily make for the best everyday wear. Break this look out for gallery openings, rooftop happy hours with live music, or any time you feel like flexing for no other reason than flexing. Depending on your neck’s width even 18” may be too tight so keep that in mind. s

Every man has his own personal style.Determine the best length to match your style.

Gang’s all here—and that’s barely scratching the surface. Step 2 – Consider the types of gemstones and other materials on the gold chain, especially if there are diamonds or cubic zirconia. Some cleaning solutions that are fine for gold can be damaging to other materials. Gold ranges in karatage, which basically means gold purity levels, typically from 9K to 18K when it comes to chains.

How To Wear A Chain – 5 Tips | Mens Jewelry Guide Part 3

Stick with dapper necklaces well throughout your look. A common and classical design, cable chains can vary greatly in width and length and can achieve different styles with ease. Miami Cuban, a variation of the cable chain, also uses oval or round links but has them twisted for an added effect.

Best Types of Necklace Chains (Pros and Cons)

Pair your glass beaded chain with linen shirts in the summer, lightweight sweaters in the fall, and black-tie galas. Checks all the boxes when it comes to this style of necklace. Coming in at 22-inches, it’s the perfect length for demanding the right kind of attention.

Just like any other piece of jewelry if you want to show it off, you will need to style it correctly to have the right effect. The longest of any standard length men’s necklace, this length is designed to be worn outside the shirt without any kind of pendant. If you only have one chain and you’re looking to add a second to your jewelry collection, you’re starting at the perfect place. This is your essential guide on how to layer necklaces and chains. Other factors you’ll want to consider before buying a necklace include your face shape, your outfits, your height, and pendants.

Sure you want to wear a necklace to dress up your look, but how do you do? As with the materials, remember that you can always swap chains and cords in and out. You can even have a jeweler shorten metal chains if your preference changes.

The rest of your outfit doesn’t have to be fancy — if you have too many items vying for someone’s attention your outfit becomes visually overwhelming. Unless you’re wearing deep V-necks, the part of your necklace that people see the most of is probably going to be the chain or cord.

The medium-length chain is four inches longer than the short chain, and the long-chain is four inches longer than the medium-chain. Depending on your height and weight, the actual measurement of the chains will change. Check yourself every few years to make sure you are still wearing the right lengths. Knowing what the short chain’s length is can help you look good every day, and on special days when you rock your layered look.

Come in sizes ranging from 1.5mm to 13mm in both gold and silver. We also have sleek 5mm twisted rope chains in silver (£18.99) and gold (£19.99). The decision of how wide your chain is depends on what statement you want to make.

Whatever you choose, this type of men’s necklace adds a relaxed vibe to your ensemble. Leather necklaces, unlike stainless steel necklaces, should not be worn while showering. When wearing a leather necklace, try to match it with other leathers you own. Opt for shorter lengths when choosing pearl necklaces. Under most circumstances, a strand of pearls should not be choker-like or long. The ideal measurement would allow the necklace to fall just above the collarbone or just below the neckline.

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